Episode 5

About: "Those other people that were on that show with me"
  So once again, I start with how much I love me some Tyler ...AND, I love me some Valium ...just kidding...never touch the stuff. In fact, I love running around like a stressed-out crazy woman with blood pressure 180/110!  Crazy but, yes, I really do have high blood pressure and it has hit those numbers in the past. Ok, moving on.
SO DELIGHTED I was not working with...oh, never mind...but gosh I could really use Cathy’s 'global perspective' seeing as how Tyler and I picked the “global” tea pot as inspiration! And POOR Karl! (who I affectionately refer to as Stewart from Mad TV) I gotta hand it to him, Karl really kept his cool! How in the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks did he keep from grabbing all that nonsense off of the countertops??  EGGS on the counter next to limes; strange, brown, turd-like roots; and a coffee pot that’s not plugged in...I could go on, but I wont! Enough already!
So how 'bout my bud Kelli! WHY, WHY, WHY did I save all my crying for off camera? I was so damned determined not to cry over design, but now I am really re-thinking that move! AND, what about Kelli’s taking off her shirt to clean the floor! Brilliant idea! Too bad I didn’t think of that one, cuz if I had unleashed my newly/scarred up/old/breast cancer boobies, that might have won me some extra brownie points...and made the judges cry! 
...but that’s another show.

About: "Those moments on the cutting room floor"
  Once again, thank you to my HGTV family for NOT showing me doing my SHAMELESS MAJOR plug for Sears! Yes Sears, once again, I am ready for that contract! I blanked out when the cameras first started rolling. I am never at a loss for words, but I totally froze up right when David said, “Action.” So, how did I make up for that? Well, I literally threw myself on the Kenmore refrigerator! So, thank you for leaving that embarrassing moment on the cutting room floor. 
My custom cabinet pulls however, ended up - yes - on the cabinets, but the positive feedback did not quite make it on the show...unfortunately. So, let’s move on to those design tits ... I mean TIPS

About: "Those design tits ... I mean TIPS"
1.    The cabinet door pulls were made out of these wavy sticks I got from West Elm. The wave of the stick was the “pull” part and the flat sides were screwed in on each side to the cabinets -- VERY inexpensive way to have custom handles.
2.    When designing a kitchen, go ahead and put the back splash all the way around the back of the kitchen sink. I AM SICK that I DID NOT HELP TYLER GET THAT DONE!Hugely disappointed in myself for that one! I love Tyler, and I hate to think I contributed to him leaving!
3.     The big oversized mirror is great for an L-shaped kitchen, especially when you have two pendant lights hanging in view. I did this in my own kitchen, and it really opened up my space and brought more light in from the outdoors. (see my design portfolio  www.HGTV.com for example)

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